Revolution already on the way

Yes, this weekend past was the third annual Swartland Revolution. A weekend of great wines (from France, Germany, Portugal and naturally, the Swartland), fabulous food and lots of Swartland gees. Like one happy revolutionary observed: the right level of geeky/nerd/fun!! 

Maree Louw, revolutionary wife, once again took some amazing pictures, and we gladly share them with you here.

Hiiii Eben

The first tasting, Quality First was presented by father and son team, Alain and Maxime Graillot who each showed three of their wines from France.

Adi showing Samuel some tricks of the trade.

Friday night BBQ at Bazaar, by Moerby Kultuur.

Die Baardskeerdersbos Orkes had everyone dancing. “Klein bietjie wyn, klein bietjie wyn” (lies, all lies!)

Adi and Callie in good spirits (especially considering it is 9am on THE Saturday)

Beer and worsrol break between Saturday morning tastings.

Lunch, by “the revolutionary moms” led by Adi’s mom Judy, was a huge success.

The Moms! (take a bow!)

And then there was the Swartland Independent Street Party, with 18 members pouring their wines in Short Street Square.

Including Jasper’s new venture, made on Kalmoesfontein – Muskeljaatkat!

And then it was over. Another great success, with attendees already asking “can I book for next year…”

Um, no, give us a chance to recover, celebrate summer, harvest and then once we’ve started planning, we can talk about another revolution.

Thanks for sharing in the experience!

More pics on Maree’s blog.


A few words from a man of many words. Adi gives some feedback on our spring day brunch / “Secateurs launch”

“Was a moerse lekker kuier on Saturday, I think we had more fun than the guests!
There was enough wine and food to go around. Some people left their cars in Malmesbury with broken gear boxes and still made it to the farm in time and then pitched in to make delicious salads to go with the late afternoon chicken and rabbit pies!

Harry helped plant tomatoes and beans – he will be back in 90 days to collect the harvest – much like he did with the Secateurs (Harry spent a few days on the farm harvesting in February and then came to drink as much as he could of the new release on Saturday!)
Roland from wine cellar even bought a bottle of wine in case ours was not up to scratch! Thanks for the Drouhin Roland!
Melissas staff brought lovely flowers and we now have a very cool collection of Melissas hand-me-down cafe chairs in and around the old house.

In general it was a fantastic bunch of people gathered together on a beautiful Swartland day.”

So there you have it, thanks for all the support and look forward to seeing you all at the next one!

Some photos with love and thanks to Maree Louw, I am sure she snapped pictures while husband Callie braaiied the chickens?


See more photos on Maree’s naturallight photography Facebook album.

Baltimore Bliss

DC food writer “Tasty Trix” attended our 5-course tasting-pairing in Baltimore recently and wrote a very flattering and fun blogpost about it.

“The dinner was structured around the South African wines of A.A. Badenhorst, and the pairings, conceived by chef Josean Rosado, managed to be smart and inventive without feeling at all gimmicky or forced – all of the elements worked together organically and unforgettably.”

Of Adi she says, quite accurately,

“Although I have not met the winemaker Adi Badenhorst, I suspect that, given what I learned over the course of the evening about his independent spirit and originality both in his approach to winemaking and life, he would definitely approve of such spontaneity.”

See some lovely photos by her husband as well as some nice tasting/pairing notes here.

If you will excuse me, I feel a sudden great hunger coming over me.

Friendly Family Farm wedding

Last weekend we hosted a big family (ours, the bride Rouxlene is Cornelia’s cousin, sister to “the cousin who does the PR and marketing”) wedding on Kalmoesfontein. Although the wind blew us (and the bride’s veil) away during the ceremony and into the night it was a very cosy, love filled, fun affair. 

 “The Chapel” in front of the cellar. 
 “The cousin who does the PR and marketing, plans weddings and plays bridesmaid” with the proud father and blushing bride and 9 of the 10 blond kids who preceded them down the isle. Samuel and Ana also made the cut along with their cousins Richard, Jan-Hendrik and Hardy (who is the missing 1).

 The makeshift wind shelter – Swartland style. 
 The first dance.
Ouma Joey, the only grandparent in attendance, made all of the flags from old telephone books, to fit with the recycled, eco-friendly theme. 
 Simple, not so windproof, table settings of white and glass. 

 Every seat had a unique quote on love and marriage (in the glasses cause the original plan was even less windproof) 

The dance floor might have just been the parking lot in front of Adi’s office, but that didn’t stop the guests (everyone, from the vet bride’s farming friends to the professional MMA fighter groom’s cage fighting buddies) from busting a move and dancing into the night. We think we have Secateurs (and Oom Jan’s Paradyskloof wines) to thank for that. Remember the Secateurs warrior!?

We hope Rouxlene and Paul will have a long and loving life together and we thank them for sharing their special day with us.

Photography: Maree Louw (Natural light Photography – click for more images
Make Up & Hair: Marti Bester ( / 0724594154)
Dress: Zani Lombard (0799269833)
Bouquet & wreaths: Cousin Marica Louw ( / 0832655216)
Set up & decor: sister Helena Sheridan & cousin Cornelia Badenhorst (De Liefde)

Venue: Kalmoesfontein