Convivium is coming (back).

If you haven’t heard (then you don’t pay enough attention to our social media pages)

Convivium will be back for a third instalment on Kalmoesfontein early next year. This popular food event, the brain child of Andy Fenner (of Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants) and Wesley Randles (The Shortmarket Club) was first hosted on the farm in 2015.

This morning I took Wes and Louis (Project Manager from Studio_H) on a site visit to scout out a few locations. Exciting things are coming!

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 12.00.15

For more info, read this article on EatOut.

For tickets, head over to Quicket.

Hope to see you here in the heat of Feb…

TV dinner


Last week we hosted the star and crew of Neil Anthony private chef – the tv series – on Kalmoesfontein.

Neil and his team spent the day exploring the garden and kept busy in the kitchen while we put on our best collared shirts and some make up to have Caperitif cocktails and Chevallerie Bubbles as the sun set.

We sat down for a lovely (if somewhat adventurous – you’ll understand when you see the show) three course meal paired with lekker wine and good neighbours for company.


Ana even recited a few poems and Samuel played sommelier.


We’re not sure when the episode will air but we’ll keep you posted.


Flattering scorelines

I did not watch the game this morning, but getting this message from Adi still made me cringe/smile.
Says Adi: “The springboks score today looked like my last CWG rating from Miguel Chan! The review reads like the match report  – bitter, unstable in the set-phases, flat on defence, lean on attack, no style, scoreline flattering.”
Here is Chan’s review of the 2013 vintage of the Geel Kapel.
Sweet (actually a dry wine)
AA Badenhorst Family Wines CWG Adi Badenhorst ‘Geel-Kapel” Swartland Muscat de Frontignan 2013
Since I was tasting the line up blind, it was obvious this advance color offering with it’s hazy and cloudy gold hue was an unstable and not clean wine.
Oxidative, stemmy with beer yeast note, kind of IPA style craft beer, notes of orange peel, floral, rose buds, musk, high alcohol evident, lean, yeasty and nutty on texture, tannic, phenolic, flat, individual style, this is a highly controversial wine, IMHO, not worthy being on the auction, considering the very high standards of sound winemaking that have generally prevails over the last 3 decades.
By offering a wine like this the CWG have potentially open a back door, for possible mediocrity in the future!  Simply put, cloudy and unstable wine, does not have it’s place at that level of precision.
I have looked at every possible angle, I just can’t place this wine anywhere, there is simply no benchmark anywhere in the world that it can relate to.
I am all for naturalness in wine, more especially from a viticultural perspective but when one is paying an average price of R 352 per bottle over the last 11 years, this is a gamble, not worthy of investing in!
This kind of offering is dangerous and does not do justice to Swartland as a region, guys have to be careful, not to cast doubt in consumer’s mind.
Generous 79 for those who thinks it’s acceptable to drink funky wine, but a solid 59 points for its unstable faulty conditions.
360 bottles produced | 59 / 79 Points MC
The Boks lost to the All Blacks by 57 points to 0 in The Rugby Championship…
Recent reviews of Adi’s entry for this year’s Guild Auction and his collaboration with Duncan Savage on their Loveboat wines, suggests he has improved much over the years, and maybe there is hope for die bokke too… maybe.
Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 10.55.28

Statistics say…

40% of wine fundis asked to pick a value for money white wine will go with our Secateurs Chenin Blanc.

Fair Lady wine promo - Augst 2017

Featured in the August issue of Fair Lady magazine, both Gina Neilson (co-owner of 9th Avenue Bistro and Boiler Room Cafe) and John Maytham (Cape Talk Radio) opted for a Secateurs.

Not a bad way to start the weekend – especially since this is how we started our Friday:


Meanwhile on the Paardeberg

The Swartland is finally looking green again. We’ve had some (but not yet enough) rain, there has been some snow on the mountains on the horizon and we’ve started a new project (or two, or three).



Ex Kalmoesfontein semper aliquid novi…





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