Baltimore Bliss

DC food writer “Tasty Trix” attended our 5-course tasting-pairing in Baltimore recently and wrote a very flattering and fun blogpost about it.

“The dinner was structured around the South African wines of A.A. Badenhorst, and the pairings, conceived by chef Josean Rosado, managed to be smart and inventive without feeling at all gimmicky or forced – all of the elements worked together organically and unforgettably.”

Of Adi she says, quite accurately,

“Although I have not met the winemaker Adi Badenhorst, I suspect that, given what I learned over the course of the evening about his independent spirit and originality both in his approach to winemaking and life, he would definitely approve of such spontaneity.”

See some lovely photos by her husband as well as some nice tasting/pairing notes here.

If you will excuse me, I feel a sudden great hunger coming over me.

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