The Revolution was photographed

Maree once again took some stunning pictures at the Swartland Revolution this year. Here are a few of our favourites, lots more on her blog.

There is a nice summery of the weekend on The Swartland Revolution’s site. Have a look. 

Meanwhile, our Family Red 2009 is number 93 on Wine Spectator’s Top 100 wines for 2013. Not too shabby…


A few words from a man of many words. Adi gives some feedback on our spring day brunch / “Secateurs launch”

“Was a moerse lekker kuier on Saturday, I think we had more fun than the guests!
There was enough wine and food to go around. Some people left their cars in Malmesbury with broken gear boxes and still made it to the farm in time and then pitched in to make delicious salads to go with the late afternoon chicken and rabbit pies!

Harry helped plant tomatoes and beans – he will be back in 90 days to collect the harvest – much like he did with the Secateurs (Harry spent a few days on the farm harvesting in February and then came to drink as much as he could of the new release on Saturday!)
Roland from wine cellar even bought a bottle of wine in case ours was not up to scratch! Thanks for the Drouhin Roland!
Melissas staff brought lovely flowers and we now have a very cool collection of Melissas hand-me-down cafe chairs in and around the old house.

In general it was a fantastic bunch of people gathered together on a beautiful Swartland day.”

So there you have it, thanks for all the support and look forward to seeing you all at the next one!

Some photos with love and thanks to Maree Louw, I am sure she snapped pictures while husband Callie braaiied the chickens?


See more photos on Maree’s naturallight photography Facebook album.

Wine Legends past present and future

In the final (printed) issue of Wine Magazine (Sept/Oct 2011) they featured “South African Wine Legends” Past, Present and Future without whom they can not imagine the winelands.

Adi (a future legend) and his father-in-law Jan ‘Boland’ Coetzee (a present legend) BOTH made it into the selected few, among greats like Tony Mossop, Charles Back, Günter Brözel, John Platter and neighbour / fellow Swartland Revolutionary Eben Sadie.

Although we believe Adi already has legend status, we are honored.

The Badenhorst Family would like to bid a fond farewell to Wine Magazine, that has been with us for almost 2 decades. We thank you for the support, exposure, positive ratings, up to date news and your contribution to the South African Wine industry as a whole. Hamba Kahle, and good luck with your new online ventures.