Learn from the best

And then he was in France.

Adi visited Vouvray this weekend to observe the best in Chenin Blanc.

Below is Damien Delecheneau (Domaine de la Grange Tiphaine), who will be in the Swartland to present Expert Opinions at The Revolution next month. He spent the Sunday afternoon picking a vineyard with friends.

photo (1)

photo (3)

While Vincent Careme, (Domaine Vincent Careme) might be one of the world’s best Chenin winemakers, Adi showed him how to pack a braai grill, and kept a keen eye on his braai skills (which apparently he learned from his South African wife Tania).

photoBoth these legends will bring their wines to The Swartland Revolution and present them at the Expert Opinion tasting on Saturday the 9th of November.

If you did not get a ticket to the event, come to Riebeek for the Swartland Independent Street Party that afternoon, taste wine from 18 SI members and mingle in the streets. See you there.



Last night was the first Adi and Jasper show (as Justin called it) of 2013 – the WineGems tasting at &union.

A full house (Gemma says she takes 18 bookings, but there were at least 30 people squeezed into the bar) tasted both the Secateurs, the Family Red and White blend, the funky white and were also treated to (another) sneak peak of Jasper’s first offering – a red blend and a chenin blanc.

DSC07600 DSC07599 DSC07594From what I see on twitter the crowd really enjoyed it. With Adi on top form – full of jokes and stories – and Jasper taking his time to tell the Muskeljaatkat story in detail – there were lots of laughs.

Some feedback on twitter:

Batonage: Awesome evening of wine tasting. @AABadenhorst wines and some Muskeljaatkat white and red @andUnionwine. Adi most amusing winemaker in SA.

Blackdelilah: Did I mention we had an AWESOME wine tasting @andUnionwine last night? Wines by @AABadenhorst & his able-bodied assistant, Jasper #goodstuff

JustLisa_Love: @AABadenhorst @andUnionwine – awesome left field tasting for our first#WineGems of 2013 – loved it!

darrynvdwalt: Best @andUnionwine #winegems in ages – haven’t laughed so much at a wine tasting. Legends! @AABadenhorst

LiLi1866: @AABadenhorst Best #winegems so far last night!! A stand-up comedy show & wine tasting rolled into one – amazing 🙂

I tried to tweet some of the Adinisms and quotes from the ‘comedy show’ – check out our twitter stream if you want to see more.

My favourites:

AABadenhorst: We work on psychological ripeness. You don’t wanna pick on a Friday for instance. – Adi, duh.

AABadenhorst: “This is not a pretty wine but it’s made to drink. We drink LOTS of this” – Adi. #secateurs Red

AABadenhorst: When is harvest over? Well the #oesAf party is on 22 March, so before then…

YES. We put some dates in diaries over dinner (at the ping pong table)

DSC07611 DSC07610I also have dates for two tasting brunches, but I have a long waiting list to inform of that first. But watch this space for more details soon.

Thanks Gemma and everyone who showed up, tasted, laughed, bough wine and and and. Love you guys…


OesAf Evidence…

The set-up…

Adi the entertainer…

We didn’t even have to hire entertainment, they just appeared to light up our night.

Eben (Sadie) doing (pouring) what he does best…

Jasper (or like someone said to me: “that guy with the sleeveless tee, that’s danced with every girl here”)

Plaas party pants…

We didn’t (need to) hire a pole-dancer either! Winning…

So there you have it, if your memory fails you, yes there was a crazy party in the bos on the berg… till next year, cheers!

Stomp day, yay!

Tomorrow a few lucky friends and family members will gather around the cellar on Kalmoesfontein, with old shorts and freshly pedicured feet, to make an invaluable contribution to the success of our 2012 harvest.

It is time to get into the kuipe with the grapes.

We are excited to have our closest companions around on this important day in the harvest calendar. There will be stomping, there will be braaiing, there will be drinking.

Watch this space for pictures and updates.

Have a great weekend!


in the summer time when the harvest is fine!

Just look at these, Chenin Blanc grapes from the 1957 planting – one of the oldest vineyards in the Paardeberg!

This cask (above) is for Cornelia’s own consumption. Every year Adi makes a wine especially for his wife.  This year, Chardonnay! (it must be love)

 Above and below, other casks furiously fermenting… 

Jasper and Meike (our German intern) loading the (in)famous Klappomp – unique to Kalmoesfontein and says Adi, “it makes other winemakers nervous”…