Here today, gone today!

The Ghost is back!

On Friday night at the annual Swartland Revolution in Riebeek Kasteel, we officially launched our new product, Caperitif.


Using Caperitif and the amazing products from our friends at Whitley Neill Gin and Fitch and Leedes Tonic water, we re-created some very tasty cocktails for the first time in decades.

Revolutionaries got to choose between four drinks (while some choose to try all four, numerous times)… On the counter stood two jars: Epic Tip Battles of History Jan Smuts vs Barney Barnato.


I believe oom Jan was winning when our dear friend David pulled over the bar and smashed Barney to pieces on the floor…

The four cocktails? Jan Smuts, Barney Barnato, Cape Cocktail and Cape and Gin. Three of those we adapted from recipes from the age old Savoy Cocktail book, the fourth we kind of made up. But that is a story for another post.

For now we are proud to announce that our latest product is ready to hit the market and will hopefully be in a bar or proper bottle store near you soon!

Baie dankie to:

Danish (yes, contrary to 10 000 misprinted back labels, he is not Norwegian – same same, but different) mixologist Lars Lyndgaard Schmidt who approached Adi early this year with the idea to recreate this illusive ingredient and  returned last week to run the bar.


Whitley Neil Gin / Fitch and Leeds Tonic and Inverroche Gin for the generous donation of product.

The five Malmesbury men who came to play barmen, all dressed up and ready to shake.

Herman Potgieter who hand painted the rather large and detailed copy of our label on short notice.

Profit from the bar will be used to improve conditions at the Anne Pienaar Memorial School just outside our farm entrance.


To place orders, please email

Bootleggers Ball Jol

It is Swartland Revolution week! The fifth annual Revolution weekend kicks off this Friday with lots of exciting things planned, as usual. A first for this year however is the in-house bar.

Friday night’s dinner will be a Bootleggers Ball and after dinner we get to host the exciting launch of our Caperitif in the form of a cash bar (all profits go towards our worthy social development projects).


Four cocktails that have literally not been made in almost a century, such as The Barney Barnato, The Cape Cocktail and The Jan Smuts (ok, we might have made that one up) are bound to keep the party going.


All cocktails will be R40, but please note that there are NO ATMs in Riebeek Kasteel at the moment (how quaint!?) so please fill that money clip from last year with some cash money before you depart your big city lives. Alternatively you can use Snapscan… (look at us!)

Lars, the Danish mixologist who contacted us early this year to collaborate to bring this ghost ingredient back to life, is in town and has been playing around with shakers, citrus and lots of interesting ingredients…

lars adi lars ana

I am so excited… I hope you are all ready!

Making history…

imageA while ago we excitedly launched our new product, Caperitif, to friends and family. Today we officially bottled the first 800 bottles of this illusive ghost ingredient since the 1940s.

Exciting times.


What the hell, I hear you ask… Well,

Caperitif is a fortified wine (in our case bushvine Chenin Blanc) flavoured with various dry ingredients – among others wilde els, kalmoes, fynbos and cape fruit such as peaches and apricots.

Modern versions of the beverage were first produced around the late 18th century. Initially Caperitif was consumed as a medicinal libation until later in the 19th century when it became an important ingredient in many classic cocktails. The famous Savoy Cocktail book, first published in 1930 by the Savoy Hotel, with 750 recipes compiled by Harry Craddock, has remained in print since then and was subsequently republished in 1952, 1965, 1985, 1996 and expanded in 1999. It still contains over 40 recipes with Caperitif as an ingredient even though the product has not been produced for decades.

Caperitif is an aperitif wine and should be served chilled at 6-8°C. It can be served on ice with a slice of citrus fruit or mixed into a cocktail.

Or served with tonic water. Like the Swaan Tonic we just bottled… African Tonic Water.

image_1Tonic Water is on sale now. Comes in case of 24. Contact for prices and orders.

Caperitif will be on sale after it gets launched at the 2014 Swartland Revolution.

Drink crafty local stuff, it is the way to go…

Caperitif, soet vermoed.

The ghost ingredient is back!  
Legendary cocktail mixer “Caperitif”, used in the 1920’s as an ingredient for truly South African cocktails such as the “Barney Barnato”, the “Modder Rivier” and the “Oom Paul”, has been reborn in the Cape.  
This wine based aperitif, originally produced right here in the land of Good Hope in the early 20th century, might have been lost over time but it was not lost over the oceans.  Till today many cocktails all over the world call for this great Cape ingredient, and we are very excited to let you know that we have given new life to this golden liquid.
On Friday we hand labeled and waxed 24 bottles and on Sunday we hosted an informal introduction to the latest member of our family to a few friends, family members, reps and general winos. 
Guests were encouraged to just bring their palates and an open mind while better halves, kids and other people they spend Sundays with were also welcome.
All and all it was a lovely day of new tastes, old friends, good food and a long afternoon talking and laughing in the sun.
Keep an eye out on our website and social media platforms for more information. The next phase of the roll out will happen at the Swartland Revolution in November and we hope to start selling commercially after that.