Bootleggers Ball Jol

It is Swartland Revolution week! The fifth annual Revolution weekend kicks off this Friday with lots of exciting things planned, as usual. A first for this year however is the in-house bar.

Friday night’s dinner will be a Bootleggers Ball and after dinner we get to host the exciting launch of our Caperitif in the form of a cash bar (all profits go towards our worthy social development projects).


Four cocktails that have literally not been made in almost a century, such as The Barney Barnato, The Cape Cocktail and The Jan Smuts (ok, we might have made that one up) are bound to keep the party going.


All cocktails will be R40, but please note that there are NO ATMs in Riebeek Kasteel at the moment (how quaint!?) so please fill that money clip from last year with some cash money before you depart your big city lives. Alternatively you can use Snapscan… (look at us!)

Lars, the Danish mixologist who contacted us early this year to collaborate to bring this ghost ingredient back to life, is in town and has been playing around with shakers, citrus and lots of interesting ingredients…

lars adi lars ana

I am so excited… I hope you are all ready!

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