Our Sidelines

To keep busy during the months when the wine, well, makes itself and we just do the occasional pump over or marketing trip… we have started to make a few other things…

CAPERITIF: For almost a century mixologists and barmen have been looking for Caperitif, the ‘ghost ingredient’ found in numerous cocktail recipes but not produced anywhere in the world. In 2014 a Danish mixologist approached us with the idea to recreate it and together we have given birth to the 21st century version of this truly unique Cape Aperitif.cocktails

From the cellar of Kalmoesfontein and the mountain slopes of the Paardeberg we bring you Caperitif. Chenin Blanc fortified with spirit, gently sweetened by the sugar of the grapes, bittered by Quinchona bark and flavoured with some 35 truly Cape ingredients such as fynbos, kalmoes and naartjies. 

More details here. 

TONIC WATER: We got tired of searching for an affordable, quality craft tonic water, so we made one ourselves.

Spring water with natural botanicals – quinine, lime, cardamon and mint. Less sugar more flavour. Bring on summer.

For a list of Cpt & Jhb retail outlets and how to order Swaan & Caperitif, click HERE.ingredients and pack

And possibly coming soon, depending on the results of the experiment…

13 thoughts on “Our Sidelines

    • Thanks Barbara. We are currently planning to build a brewery on the farm to up our beer production… and with that comes infinite new possibilities. Watch this space.

      Keep well and regards from the sunny Swartland.

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  2. Where can we buy the caperitif and tonic water. I am in Villiers, Free State approx. 110km from Johannesburg and the East Rand.

  3. The secret to a great gin and tonic is the quality of the glass, tonic and the ice. A great Negroni requires a beautiful bitters addition! You have captured both perfectly ! Brilliant what you have done!

  4. Oh my I will be Swaaning my way through all the gin…..that has to be the best tonic water I have ever tasted. Oppas I might hold you liable for cirrhosis of my liver as I do not think I am going to be able to stop drinking.

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