13 thoughts on “Sidelines

    • Thanks Barbara. We are currently planning to build a brewery on the farm to up our beer production… and with that comes infinite new possibilities. Watch this space.

      Keep well and regards from the sunny Swartland.

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  2. Where can we buy the caperitif and tonic water. I am in Villiers, Free State approx. 110km from Johannesburg and the East Rand.

  3. The secret to a great gin and tonic is the quality of the glass, tonic and the ice. A great Negroni requires a beautiful bitters addition! You have captured both perfectly ! Brilliant what you have done!

  4. Oh my I will be Swaaning my way through all the gin…..that has to be the best tonic water I have ever tasted. Oppas I might hold you liable for cirrhosis of my liver as I do not think I am going to be able to stop drinking.

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