Caperitif, soet vermoed.

The ghost ingredient is back!  
Legendary cocktail mixer “Caperitif”, used in the 1920’s as an ingredient for truly South African cocktails such as the “Barney Barnato”, the “Modder Rivier” and the “Oom Paul”, has been reborn in the Cape.  
This wine based aperitif, originally produced right here in the land of Good Hope in the early 20th century, might have been lost over time but it was not lost over the oceans.  Till today many cocktails all over the world call for this great Cape ingredient, and we are very excited to let you know that we have given new life to this golden liquid.
On Friday we hand labeled and waxed 24 bottles and on Sunday we hosted an informal introduction to the latest member of our family to a few friends, family members, reps and general winos. 
Guests were encouraged to just bring their palates and an open mind while better halves, kids and other people they spend Sundays with were also welcome.
All and all it was a lovely day of new tastes, old friends, good food and a long afternoon talking and laughing in the sun.
Keep an eye out on our website and social media platforms for more information. The next phase of the roll out will happen at the Swartland Revolution in November and we hope to start selling commercially after that. 

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