Swartland Heritage II

Last year the Swartland Independent Producers (or SIP) of which we are a proud member, hosted the first instalment of the Swartland Heritage Festival at the Paternoster Fish Market. Click here for some pictures from last year. 

Tickets are now on sale for version two, coming to you on the first weekend of November. Book tickets by emailing RSVP@studio-h.co.za.

Hope to see you there!

Swartland Heritage Celebration

It is true, come November there will once again be a unique regional wine experience to attend. Like at the very successful Swartland Revolution of the past the Swartland Independent Producers want to share the good food, stunning scenery and diverse (award winning) wine of the region with fans and friends. This time in the scenic West Coast town of Paternoster!


That’s right. International speakers, masterclasses, talks, tastings and music. And what the poster doesn’t tell you is that renowned local chef Bertus Basson has been confirmed as the weekend’s chef. Snacks, dinner, lunch…

For more info on the event and to buy tickets head over the the SIP website.

For more info on Bertus and his ventures, click here.

Please order tickets by emailing RSVP@studio-h.co.za –¬†Book now, you will not be disappointed.

Bokkoms-on-toast with a glass of Chenin

Kobus van der Merwe cooks up an unconventional Bokkoms-on-toast in his restaurant in Paternoster. 

Apple and gooseberries are the perfect slightly acidic counterpoints to the maasbanker, with seekoraal providing crunch, and orange beurre blanc and soft egg adding richness. The lettuce adds a bite of sea freshness. And in my opinion, Adi Badenhorst’s easy-drinking Secateur Chenin Blanc is its perfect wine partner.” 

Read more about his Wild West Coast cooking on his blog on Food24.  or follow him on Twitter @SardineToast.