Lunch of Origin: Swartland

The menu from our first open day, prepared by Adi’s mom Judy Badenhorst and a few hardworking friends and family members.

Wine + water and bread + butter
A salad, delicious, of beetroot, radishes and baby spinach and red onions  with goats cheese and finished with a balsamic, mustard and honey dressing (The crunchy green things  are pumpkin seeds)
Green garden salad with a salsa verde dressing (fancy name for a green herb dressing) with capers and anchovies
There are two kinds of quiches (free range duck eggs used here) of caramilized onions one with gruyere cheese and the other with  smoked bacon
If that’s not enough then there will also be farm raised marinated chicken braaied to perfection on old cabernet sauvignon vines ( we have no use for cabernet here other than for braaing on). The chicken will be served with roasted root vegetables of carrots, parsnips, onions and above ground butternut.
And there is even dessert. We have made a jelly from Fernoa Pires straw wine 2009, a homemade custard and stewed rhubarb and apple.
Coffee and tea.

This picture, thanks to Santie le Roux:
more pictures, by our official photographer Maree Louw, coming soon!

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