Swartland saving France

Adi is on his way with Eben and Chris to introduce the French to Swartland wines soon. Between THIS & 2011 Swartland Revolution poster I’m seeing WAY too much skin…

The One-Day-Only invasion on Saturday October 15th will include two events.

First, a FREE tasting with 3 classes: 
one to introduce Swartland with Eben’s wines, 
one with Chris & Stéphane Ogier (our imported guest at 2010 Revolution)
and one with Adi presenting our wines. 

This will take place in a wine cellar in the Latin Quarter of Paris starting at 3pm.

Secondly there will be a wine dinner with a menu to pair with Mullinuex and Badenhorst Wines in a secret location.

Anyone interested in participating can contact Raffi Gabeyan via email at raffi.gabeyan@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “Swartland saving France

  1. Can you tell me more about this, as some of my French Parisian friends would be more than happy to join. They've been coming to South Africa every year since 1994, and love your wines!Have a nice dayLaurent – Wine&Only

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