OesAf party(berg)

Only stumbled upon this post about our OesAf festival today. The Foodie remembers being there, enjoying great wines and even better (possible?) braai broodjies.
He tackled a dog. 
Caught Jasper in some funky “jhorts” (jean shorts)

And “hugged Kingsley Holgate” 🙂

Partyberg in-deed… 
Read about his adventure here: http://thefoodie.co.za/uncategorized/the-paardeberg-the-partyberg/

The juniors in the cellar

Samuel Sunnyskies and Ana Kalander Badenhorst were seen in the cellar this weekend, trying their hands at wine making. By the looks of it Dad will have to give a few more tips… but you have got to start somewhere…

 Step one: check that the tank is safe for your little sister to climb in.
Step two: help your little sister into the tank

Happy Easter, news and updates!

A few bits of news from our side as we get ready to relax on Easter Weekend. 

Adi extended his visit to the US by a few days when he was made an “offer-you-cant-refuse”. He spent the last few days in billionaire Sean Parker‘s mansion in Palm Spring, serving our wines to some of Hollywood’s biggest names. (we will keep the details to ourselves, this is not People magazine, and we value our clients’ privacy…)

The rest of us had a (slightly) less exciting week, but non the less, here are some details:

Wine Master Tim Atkin has once again honoured us with the title of Wine of the Week on his website. This time for our Family White Blend. 

Also, while Adi is “entertaining” in the USA Jasper conducted an early morning tasting in the cellar (coffee first!) with www.wine.co.za‘s Dusan Jelic. This was part of Dusan’s Swartland Revolution Roadtrip and the stories will be published on wine.coza this weekend.

And last, but most definitely not least, we got some mention by James Molesworth in the May issue of Wine Spectator. James spoke to Adi about importing to the USA, quite apt when you consider this week’s activities… 

And that is all the news from us. 

Wishing you and your loved ones a safe and blessed Easter Weekend. 
Drive safely and enjoy the time off!

Tim Atkin’s Wine-of-the-Week

OK, so I know it is almost Friday and a little late to get to a Wine-of-the-Week post, but we have been very busy with Swartland Revolution planning, setting up our ‘Inspiration Table’ at Toffie Pop Culture Festival (and public holidays…) and the weekend is the best time for wine anyway, so I think it is fine.

Tim AtkinMaster of Wine, presenter, wine judge, critic and photojournalist.” (I quote his Twitter profile) who writes for Intelligent Life, OLN, Woman and Home and WOFW made our 2008 Badenhorst White Blend his Wine of the Week this week.

And – as if that wasn’t enough to make our day (no, week) – then the well respected Jancis Robinson replied this to him on Twitter.

Good week indeed! Hope you are having an equally awesome week, if you are in Cape Town, come pop in at City Hall for the Toffie Festival and see our Inspiration Table… 

Here is a sneak peak:

Books and other items collected from Adi’s office and the Kalmoesfontein cellar, styled by Helena Sheridan.

Cornelia’s new farm style

A while ago we reported on Mrs Badenhorst’s wardrobe dilemma… Well fashion guru Chris Viljoen has come up with a solution on his Afrikaans blog Die Rok… Chris took Cornelia shopping for some lovely lady like t-shirts and pretty scarves. 

Have a look at his post and keep an eye out for more pictures. Here’s to looking good anywhere, any time.