Pressing time

This post is a tribute to the small, hard working and loyal team that helps us make amazing wines on Kalmoesfontein! 

The team consists of Adi’s assistant wine maker Jasper Wickens, Elena Kotzev a Viticulture student from Alsace, France who has been doing an “internship” and helping out during the harvest and season of 2011, farm workers Fortuin (a Swartland local) and Zimbabwean Trust! Also special mention to Pierre Rossouw, neighbour and grape farmer.

 Fortuin, Elena and Trust, not scared to get their hands dirty!

 Jasper in the thick of things…

 Trust and Fortuin keeping a close eye!

 Elena getting stuck in there (not literally, she got out again…)

Adi and Jasper hard at work (with all that view!)

Oom Pieter, Adi and Jasper discussing something important (The stormers?)

Thanks guys (and girl, Merci beaucoup) your hard work and dedication is immeasurable to our success! 

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