SIP Skou

Die Swartland Independent Producers (SIP) se Wyn-, Kos- en Kultuurskou vind hierdie jaar in Malmesbury plaas. Op 2 April gaan die beste wyn en kos (en talent…) by die Skougronde in Voortrekker weg net buite die dorp saamtrek.

Screen shot 2016-01-27 at 12.26.18

As someone who grew up in Malmes I have quite a few memories of Die Skougronde. I remember being a ‘trompoppie’ in grade one or two, walking in procession amongst the cow crap in white tomy tekkies and knee high socks with homemade blue tassels attached to them. Some years the annual Skou had go-carts which was super exciting and in the years before every little town in the world had a Chinese shop, this was where we would get our fair share of cheap plastic earrings and toys for the year. And, in 2002 my Rusk Recipe won a gold medal in the Tuisgebak devision of Die Skou. Just.saying!

SO, I am very happy that SIP will be taking the revolution to this ‘historical’ venue.

We hope you can join us there. Buy your tickets HERE.

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