Swedish-American wine connoisseur Erica of http://twosisterswinetripping.com recently visited SA for Cape Wine (and more.) She lists Swartland as one of her favourite finds and even snapped a pic of Adi looking formal(ish).

She starts with: “The trip to South Africa was a real eye-opener for me. I had written off the country as a producer of mainly overripe, overextracted, “created” bulk wines. How unprofessional of me to cast such a judgement before visiting! The South African wine industry is moving by leaps and bounds, and there are bottled wines in the somewhat higher price categories (between 10-30 USD is the most interesting range in my opinion) that converted me completely.

Wines from the grouping called The Swartland Independents were my favorite new finds.”

An interesting look at how to move the South African wine industry forward, I would recommend you read the article, by clicking here!

In her previous post she had actually visited us on the farm and gives some nice feedback on the Swartland Independents.

Read it here!



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