Adi, a "Wine Personality of the year"

Adi is another award richer, this time it is Neil Pendock’s Top Ten Personalities for 2010 award…

Adi shares this honour with nine other interesting local gentlemen (sadly, no ladies on the list), among others James Pietersen from Belthazar restaurant; retired KWV chairman Danie de Wet; Sandton restaurateur Alan Pick and Bartho Eksteen, Diners Club Winemaker of the Year.

How did Pendock make his decision? “when compiling a Top Ten Personalities for 2010, quotes are an obvious criterion…” and that is how Adi made the list: 

Swartland winemaker Adi Badenhorst watching a table tennis match at &Union last week: “so this is what Capetonians do on Saturdays. In Malmesbury, everyone is working on their cars.”

Read the entire article, here.

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