seeing stars!

Platter stars seems to be on everyone’s lips.

Sorry if we didn’t have a press release about ours in your inbox the exact minute they were released, but please allow us a moment to brag, here, now.


On Thursday night the 2016 Platter Guide was released and we got not one, but two 5* wine awards as well as four 4.5 star wines. That is 28 stars, if I am counting correctly and you are allowed to accumulate them like that!?

Ons Family Wines Ramnasgras Cinsaut 2014 die pas vrygestelde Family Red 2013 maak ons trots met vyf sterre elk!

Our friends and fellow revolutionaries at Mullineux and Leeu Family Wines are once again SA’s Winery of the Year en alles is lekker in die Swartland vier dae voor die sesde Swartland Revolusie!

Hoop ons sien julle daar…

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