The (extended) Badenhorst Family krismis lunch

As the year draws to a close we gathered for our annual extended family end of year lunch. This year, in true Adi style, we were simply told to arrive at 281 Voortrekker Road, Parow at noon-ish last Wednesday.

That makes this blog post a week late, maybe it took me that long to recover from what turned out to be a 12 hour adventure for a few of us, maybe I have not actually stopped partying since. Either way.


We gathered around a table for lunch at The Harlequin. Hein (Adi’s cousin, the dynamic one) and Gerrie (the finance guy who pays us all) came from Constantia, Naomi and Alinda (the wineadmin team) and Andre (Badenhorst Senior) came from the deep Southern suburbs, where the sea is. Helena (the cousin who writes all of this ‘info’) came all the way down Voortrekker Road from Woodstock and Adi, Narina and Jasper (with a cooler box full of wine) came from the Swartland.

The decor might be a tad dodgy, but the food was good and the French Loire wines and bubbly and Argentinian Malbecs from the cooler box made it all a very jolly affair. By desert time Andre even asked the waitress for ‘French Kisses’…

photo (14)

Helena (tweeting?) and Andre.

photo (16)

Narina and Alinda with a big ass vase. I did not lie to you about the decor…

photo (17)

Adi and Hein, the dynamic and good looking cousins.

photo (15)

All together now, fltr Helena, Narina, Jasper, Gerrie, Alinda, Adi, Naomi and Hein with Andre in front.

Cheers to another good year!

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