Back and Forth

This weekend we had our first Tasting Brunch Saturday for the year and also hosted the annual Harvest party Oesaf. Never a dull moment.

I took lovely photos to share here, but alas, my camera’s battery died today, my charger is packed in a box of my possessions, loaded on a 60 ton truck, heading for the Tankwa Karoo.

Yes, the cousin who does the PR and web stuff (that’s me!) is heading out to Tankwa Town to work as Afrikaburn Department of Public Works for the next SIX WEEKS.

Nervous, scared and already sore in every muscle of my body, but excited non the less.

So, for the next six weeks no witty blog posts from the farm… oh the horror, I know… but you’ll survive (and hopefully so will I).

See you on the flip side.


ps. Jasper and Adi might try their had hand at the Facebook page, so keep an eye there.



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