chill out wine. yes.

The Grapevine at the Baltimore Magazine chose our Secateurs Chenin as a “summer chill out wine” along with Charles & Charles Rosé 2011 and the one liter tetra pack Yellow + Blue Select Red 2010…

“With its inviting peach tones, juicy demeanor, and dry finish, Badenhorst Family Wines Secateurs Chenin Blanc 2011 ($16, The Country Vintner) is a clear winner to accompany your dinner outside. This is South Africa at its finest—honoring the traditional wines of Europe (“sécateurs” are what the French call pruning shears), but in a style that’s just a little plumper, rounder, and with more mass appeal. Chill it on ice and serve it with everything from shrimp salad to cold barbecue. And it’s a screw cap, so the corkscrew is one less thing to pack.”

read it all here.

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