Tasting (brunch) Saturdays

We are delighted to inform you of a new offering we have conjured up after a few cellar espressos. 


You woun’t find fancy tasting rooms, staff in starched black shirts and embroidered aprons or a tranquil restaurant or bistro on Kalmoesfontein – but you will be handed a glass as you follow Adi around the grounds, through the cellar and into “the old house”.

Since we are not officially open for tastings we have decided to host Tasting Brunch Saturdays. Once a month you are invited to come walk around with Adi as he pours you some wines (old vintages, unreleased blends, red, white, pink, uncertified, fortified, you name it) from vats, concrete tanks and bottles in and around the cellar.

While you are doing this the kids can play with the dogs, run around on the grass, watch Samuel gather eggs from under the hens and let him show them the pigs, rabbits, horses, birds (of the world) and Lilly the little sheep.

After the tasting tour you can buy some wine (at the cellar door price) and stay for brunch if you wish.

Costs: R150 pp tasting and brunch / R50 pp tasting only / R60 pp for kids under 18

The menu will always be the same (so we can improve every time and because most of the ingredients are sourced locally.)

Farm breads and jam
Eggs benedict on herb rosti with crispy bacon and hollandaise sauce
Roasted ripe tomatoes and fesh herbs
Waterblommetjie quiches
Boerewors on the braai

Tea and coffee.

The first four dates areJuly 14th, August 4th, September 1st, October 6th.

We can handle up to 30 people on any given Saturday. 

Mail Helena aabadenhorstwine@gmail.com if you are interested, please include the number of people as well as the preferred date.

For a look at the first / pilot episode, click here

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