A spiritual journey for SA wines

Matthew Jukes, considered by many to be the most influential wine writer in the UK, turns his attention to South African wine after confessing “Are you, like me, one of those people who doesn’t really get South African wine? … Well, it is time to think again because this mindset is completely and utterly outdated. “

He visited the Cape winelands, and the Swartland, in June and give a very insightful report on the current and future state of SA wine industry.

As he explains: “There is a very strong identity building in South Africa right now surrounding what other countries term ‘Young Guns’.  Young Guns are, by way of explanation, not necessarily young people, but they have a fresh, international view, and often a wide skill-set, which is rare in the wine business.  They also happen to be the people with their names or brands on the label.  They usually operate out of smaller wineries, often having quit large corporate wine companies, and they almost always enjoy instant, mini-cult status on release of their own wines, assuming that they stack up.  South Africa hasn’t had many YGs until recently.” 

He then goes on to claim:
Adi Badenhorst’s departure from Rustenberg signalled a spiritual downsizing for ambitious dudes to do their own thing.  This is happening in droves and I would venture to say that this movement is very close to becoming the single most important defining factor when it comes to South Africa’s vinous image abroad.”

He mentions more of our Swartland neighbours and fellow Revolutionaries, you know, Sadie, the Mullineuxs, Lammershoek and more. 

We would recommend you Read more here as the article is very well written and insightful.

He also rates our AA Badenhorst, Secateurs White, Swartland, 2010 17/20 4 stars 13.5%
“One of a trio of marvellous entry level wines, Adi’s white is a wickedly priced and spankingly attractive wine.  With Chenin Blanc core it loads more complexity than any other rival at this price.  Watch out for a 2010 red and 2011 rosé coming soon.  Drink now – 2012 £9.95 Swig”

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