Proudly Swartland Products

Below, all the contact details for the suppliers who filled our “Plaaswinkel” with their amazing products at our Open Day last weekend.

Camphill Village Malmesbury
Tammy Mulder
t.021-571 8600

Cara Brink (macaroons, baked goods & more)

Colleen Lesch jnr (Clothing Design)

c. 073 2266815

Duvets, chickens, organic beetroot etc
Colleen Lesch snr
c. 083 457 8999

Growing Paper
Roxanne Vorster
c. 071 472 7173

La Rhine Slaghuis / Butchery
Christo Smit
c. 073 182 4840

Meant to be Design and stationary
Elsje Burger 

Porseleinberg Organic Eggs
Callie Louw

Prince Albert Olives
t. 023 541 1687

Ruf & Tuf recycled toys
Ron Sheridan
t. 083 425 1930

Trevor Rinkwest Antiques 

Trevor Rinkwest
c. 082 7277433

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