Something old, something new…

Our wines are now in the Chapman’s Peak Wine & Spirits Boutique!  Voted ‘Top Wine Retailer’ by Wine Magazine, the Chapmans Peak Wine & Spirits boutique features a large selection of local and rare wines, port, liquers, imported beers and cigars. It also has one of the largest selections of malts in Cape Town. 

When last did you take a drive along the most spectacular road in the Cape?
Chapmans Peak drive is breathtaking and still as thrilling as I can remember as a little boy. At the Hout Bay end Chapmans Peak Hotel, with their famous calamari pan awaits you, or if you drive in the direction of the harbour, keep driving until you end up at “FISH ON THE ROCKS” and grab a fish parcel.” – Adi

In other news: Adi has tracked down some old casks for our Cellar – they are old, they are sexy and they are officially ours! They hold 1800 liters of wine and will be put into the barrel cellar – yes we are throwing out all of our small casks!
Rasvan Macici the eastern european winemaking machine has given us some good advice on how to clean them since he has many in his cellar at Nederburg.

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