New and Exclusive

We here on Kalmoesfontein have decided to take a step in the direction of being even more exclusive. Starting next week – Adi will make some of his small quantity, experimental wines available for sale to our database of subscribers only.

The first offer is the Badenhorst Family Wine NV, also known as The Funky White.
It is primarily a blend of Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay and Viognier (accounting for around 80% of the wine) with the rest being made up of a blend of eight other varieties! They wine is kept under a Solera system which has been running since 2007.

Only 650 bottles of this wine will be bottled every year and this year’s batch will be sold exclusively to our mailing list. The wine is not for sale in retail outlets and only a few selected restaurants have it on their wine list.

The offer is limited to 6 bottles per person on a first come first served basis. It is only open to people living in South Africa and will be delivered upon proof of payment. To stand in line, email us on 

Praise for the ‘Wine’ includes this:
What is important is that it is a wine got that my wahoo flowing, it made me smile, it made me quickly pour another glass, and best of all (this for me is a really important aspect of wine) it made me want another bottle. Quickly.
       –   Harry Haddon

The ‘Wine’ from Badenhorst has a lovely aroma of tropical fruit, particularly showing off gorgeous notes of passion-fruit and kiwi, these are backed up by almonds and sweet spice. The palate is intense with an elegant body and lovely firm acidity, the complex assortment of flavours includes hay, spice, nuts and peach. The finish is long, silky and very creamy.
       –   Alex Redfern

The AA Badenhorst NV ‘Funky White’ is an artisanal wine with a flor-like quality
        –  Cathryn Henderson

So make sure you get on our mailing list (email to make use of this and other amazing exclusive offers. Offer will go out early next week! 

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