Test Kitchen – the Luke, Eben and Adi show

The much talked about Luke, Eben and Adi show has kicked off at The Test Kitchen in Woodstock. We blogged about this before  and have now started to pick up some feedback from people who have enjoyed the experience.

Flavour Cape notes a few noteworthy pairings from the 7 course meal (carefully prepared food to match the wines by Eben Sadie and Adi Badenhorst.)

Amongst her favourites is this:
The AA Badenhorst ‘Accepted white’ 2009, a blend of 10 different Paardeberg vineyards and 10 different varietals. From Luke: salmon tataki, halva, yuzu dressing, foie gras butter, Korean tartare. Simple salty and sweet elements bravely combined. As Adi summed it up best: “When you have food as complex as this, there are so many more meeting points.”

Read the article here! 

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