Don’t judge a wine by it’s label..?

Neil Pendock reports on his blog on Times Live that Simon Hoggart had a bit of a go at our Secateurs label in The Spectator this week. 

Here is what Simon has to say… 

“Take this scrumptious Secateurs 2010, a Chenin Blanc from A.A. ­Badenhorst of Swartland, who is one of the most exciting young winemakers in South Africa. Chenin Blanc is the grape in Vouvray, but you would be hard put to find a French wine as rich, succulent and velvety, and at the crazy price of £8.95. I served this to a wine-loving American friend, and half the bottle had disappeared down her throat before she managed to exclaim, ‘that was delicious!’ My only complaint is the ghastly label. Labels matter. Rolling countryside or ancient Dutch farmhouse a.s.a.p., please.”

But, I have to agree with Neil when he comes to the conclusion that you cannot please everyone, all the time. And I guess you cant blame Simon for not having taste in art, he does seem to have excellent taste in wine;)

You be the judge, we’d love to know what you think of our labels. An article on them (and their designer Peet Pienaar) here.

All I can say is that I do not foresee any Dutch Farmhouses on our labels, any.time.soon… 

6 thoughts on “Don’t judge a wine by it’s label..?

  1. Mmm – I agree that label is a little suspect. Also prefer Adi to A.A. – especially the dots after the intials. Sounds like some famous sportsman from the 1920's or earlier – W.G. Grace. A.P.E. Knott, etc. I like names – not initials. Do not like coats of arms which only mean something to the family who bear them. MIminal is good. Thanks

  2. I LOVE the label – in fact, it is my favourite label in SA wine.I also like that sentence on the back that goes something like this: "The Badenhorst family enjoys a regular glass of wine for its health benefits".Charl

  3. This story smells very dodgy. Firstly – Americans don't use words like "ghastly" unless they're vintage 1920. Many would have no idea what an ancient Dutch farmhouse looks like (outside of the many Rustenberg fans anyway) – is it cool? pretty? how would that visual add to a wine's shelf appeal or perceived drinkability?), or know why one should/would be on a South African wine label, for that matter.Your labels are great. Eye catching, cutting edge packaging with a toe in tradition, and most importantly, delicious juice in the bottle.

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