Good TIME to be in the Swartland

It is a very proud moment to see you brand in TIME magazine, and we did it! 
The Swartland Revolution, which we have been planning vigorously for months, is next weekend, and it has received some publicity in TIME magazine… 

“Grape varietal is one area in which they are setting up the barricades. South Africa’s southern latitudes would place it between Sicily and Rome in the northern hemisphere. Yet most South African vineyards grow French grapes such as cabernet sauvignon or merlot (hence South Africa’s bold, alcoholic reds), or sauvignon blanc or sémillon (source of its flinty, floral whites). The revolution demands a more geographically appropriate focus on Mediterranean varietals, such as shiraz, cinsault and grenache for reds, and chenin blanc and clairette blanche for white. “Every now and then, South Africa produces a great bordeaux wine,” says Badenhorst. “But it’s not what we should be doing. And if I drink another sauvignon-sémillon blend, I’ll puke,” he jokes.”

Check out the entire online article here, or buy the next issue of the magazine!

12 -13 November is going to be GREAT… 

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