Pairing our wines…

Emma Odendaal discusses the idea of pairing cheese with wine in her latest article on 

She mentions our AA Badenhorst White Blend 2007 as the perfect partner for SAINTE MAURE (A classic, moulded Chevre made from Saanen goat’s milk. Soft and delicate flavour.) as well as DRUNKEN PECORINO (A truly inspired name for a cheese! Four to six months matured then immersed in special wine must which permeates the cheese giving it a fermented tang. Then matured again for further six months. A powerful cheese with a distinct red rind.)

Also on the list is father-in-law Jan Boland Coetzee’s Paradyskloof Pinot Noir 2008, perfect paired with CUMIN GOUDA (a lassic Dutch cheese made from unpasteurised milk. Matured for four months with cumin to provide a strong, distinctive flavour.) 

Read it all here. And make sure to have us on the table next time you do cheese&wine!

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