May the Force of Vriesenhof be With You…

Father(-in-law) Jan Boland Coetzee receives praise for his amazing Chardonnay on Wine Goggle. 

Cornelia Badenhorst (nee Coetzee) grew up on Vriesenhof, where charming Chardonnay is still being made every day.

“In Beaune, capital of Burgundy, Danie de Wet and Jan Boland Coetzee are recognised as having of the finest Chardonnay minds outside of spitting distance from the Hospice de Beaune. Since the early 1980’s they have worked tirelessly towards capturing the essence of the wonderful Chardonnay grape 10 000kms from its spiritual home through the kind of tireless toil and nurturing it takes to make a sensitive foreigner feel at home.”

Read the entire article here…

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