Wines of South Africa on show in the UK, October 2010

Wines of South Africa will be showing some of the 2010 vintages in Edinburgh and London in October 2010.

South Africa – A Decade On
The South African wine industry has arguably gone through more change in the last ten years than any other wine producing nation. As the country comes down from the high of hosting the FIFA World Cup and is still basking in the most positive global image to date, we take time to reflect on the past ten years and ask what the future holds.  Wine industry pioneers 
Kevin ArnoldPeter Finlayson, Kathy Jordan and Adi Badenhorst will present wines that encapsulate the developments of the industry and give their own personal views and experiences on how South African wine has been transformed. 
Places are limited for the seminar, so please book your place if you would like to attend. 

Venue: The Merchants’ Hall, 22 Hanover Street, Edinburgh
Date:  Monday 25th October 2010
Time:  10am – 5pm

Venue:  The Great Halls, Vinopolis, No. 1 Bank End, London
Date: Thursday 28th October
Trade tasting: 10.30am – 5pm

Trade and media only 

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