Swartland Reflections

The Swartland has a very special place in my heart. Grandma and Grandpa laid their foundation there in the 1950’s on an old tobacco farm just outside Malmesbury. My parents got married in the church across the road from where they still live today. I am a born and bred Swartlander (Swartland Hospital, Swartland Pre-Primary, Swartland Primary, Swartland High School… if there was a University of the Swartland… you get the picture…)

Seven years later I am very much a Capetonian (apparently you only become a Cape Town local after six winters, “they” say) but it still feels a bit like going home every time I pass Atlantis on the N7.

Nowadays more of the family have discovered the joy of the Swartland as Adi, Cornelia, Samuel and Ana has made Kalmoesfontein their home – where Adi make wine, the natural way.

And the rest of the world is catching on – as the Swartland gets more and more mentions as the new hot thing on the local wine scene. Swart is the new black…

Read what the WOSA blog thinks as they reminisce about the old days, and get excited about the new generation of top class wine makers (like Adi) shaking things up… Read it here!

(footnote: I = the blogger = Cornelia Badenhorst’s cousin. Our mothers are sisters and grew up on that tobacco farm, Swartlanders to the bone as well)

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