Linking things up

Thanks to Google alerts we get instant updates on who is talking online about everything from Adi’s social life, to the successful wine get-togethers of the Swartland and our popular wines…

“an arranged marriage that works” of cabernet sauvignon, petit verdot, cabernet franc and malbec.
Read more about the marriage…

 “…That said, a few wines did make an impression on this timid taster. Adi Badenhorst’s 2007 white blend … confirm the sex appeal of new white blends.“
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‘We don’t want anything other than the grape in here.’
in where? here

“I really liked these wines… yes, I know, I am saying that I really liked these South African wines.  Treasure this moment, for I may not say such glowing words about any producer from that nation again!”
“My March Wines of the Month, Secateurs white and red are quite simply knock out value for money for this level of complexity.” – The Wine Detective

Read more about knock out value here

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