New family members

Die Kaapse Dief en die Swaan.
Two products we lovingly nurtured since early 2014.

Today we finally have pack shots for them, and well, they do not only taste great, they are quite pretty too!

For more information on these exciting products, click here.

For orders and deliveries (in Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban) mail Sam at wineadmin dot co dot za…

Capertif_KaapseDief_HIGH JPEG Swaan Tonic_Large JPEG

Revolutionary plans coming together…

Planning for the 2015 Swartland Revolution is on the go.

We have a poster


We have a programme (click click) and we have a date for ticket sales.

Tickets will go on sale at 8am on Wednesday the 1st of July.

They are R2950 each. Keep an eye on our blog and social media feeds for updates and more info on speakers, tastings and entertainment.

We hope to see you there, fools…

Let the countdown begin!


Every year Adi and friends host Spogwijn, sommar just for the fun. This year is no different and if the great wines by Adi, Sebastian Beaumont, Adam Mason and Tyrrel Myburgh is not enough reason for you to join, the venue next week is Bacon on Bree…

When Adi invited me he said, ‘post the invite online, if they are in the trade or they are hot they can come… but they HAVE to RSVP to Gareth…’


In the trade? Hot? See you next week.

Screen shot 2015-05-29 at 12.42.56

after a while

You may (or may not) have noticed that things slowed down a bit on our blog and social media feeds over the last two months. That is because every April and May ‘the cousin who does the marketing and web stuff’ heads off into the middle of nowhere, in the Tankwa Karoo, to run the crew that build up and break down AfrikaBurn. This year was no exception.

But, now I am back from the dust, Adi is back from his tour of Scandanavia and London, Cornelia has returned from Holland and we are ready to roll with winter on the farm.

Here is a rather blurry picture of Adi, spotted at the London Wine Fair last week. Seems apt.

Screen shot 2015-05-26 at 13.50.59

Meanwhile, we hosted a wedding in April – a Dutch affair. More pictures here. 


And the winner is…

On Sunday we hosted Convivium2015 on Kalmoesfontein. Before the event I reported the manifesto of what Andy Fenner and Wesley Randles, in conjunction with Badenhorst Family Wines, numerous (famous) chefs and local winemakers wanted to achieve, and by golly did we all feel like over-achievers by Sunday night…

I think it is safe to say the event was a roaring success and that only bigger and better things can come from this. If Sunday was the pilot, we are all in for a few Emmys in the future.

If the aim was indeed to, as Andy said “strip out the frills and unnecessary bullshit that sterile cooking environments can lead to, provide a stage for real collaboration, real inspiration and real connection.” and as Wes added “we want to create a feeling of camaraderie amongst local chefs. This is a stage to share ideas and to share the common love of our craft.” then the mission was completed on Sunday.

Real passion, real collaboration, real good results. Enough said.

Pictures by Hein van Tonder.

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