SIP Skou

Die Swartland Independent Producers (SIP) se Wyn-, Kos- en Kultuurskou vind hierdie jaar in Malmesbury plaas. Op 2 April gaan die beste wyn en kos (en talent…) by die Skougronde in Voortrekker weg net buite die dorp saamtrek.

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As someone who grew up in Malmes I have quite a few memories of Die Skougronde. I remember being a ‘trompoppie’ in grade one or two, walking in procession amongst the cow crap in white tomy tekkies and knee high socks with homemade blue tassels attached to them. Some years the annual Skou had go-carts which was super exciting and in the years before every little town in the world had a Chinese shop, this was where we would get our fair share of cheap plastic earrings and toys for the year. And, in 2002 my Rusk Recipe won a gold medal in the Tuisgebak devision of Die Skou. Just.saying!

SO, I am very happy that SIP will be taking the revolution to this ‘historical’ venue.

We hope you can join us there. Buy your tickets HERE.

In the harvest time…

It feels like this heatwave has been ongoing for ever. Forever I tell you. When it is still 30’C at 10pm it is hard to imagine it will ever cool down again, ever!

But, life goes on and the grapes are starting to come in. Last week our first Shiraz was picked, 22 tons of it! Meanwhile there is some good international publicity and a few nice emails from the other side of the world.

“You know that South African cinsault we tried?” he said. “I took the opened bottle to a dinner with a load of wine trade people and they went mad for it and said it was the best wine of the night. They were raving on and on about it.”

To read more from The Telegraph on our Ramnasgras, click here.

This morning I woke up to a very nice little note of thanks and praise from a family snowed in in Michigan, USA… hard to imagine in the dry hot Swartland summer, but nice to receive anyway:


“a little vacation in a bottle,” like!

On a side note, if you were lucky enough to get tickets to Cape Town’s very first Gin & Tonic Festival, taking place next Saturday, keep an eye out for Swaan, we will be mixing with some exciting new local gins!


New year, new addition

Welcome to 2016.

Die eerste kussies staan in die wingerd, die temperatuur draai elke dag in (ten minste) die 30s en alles is droog – must be January!

We hope you enjoyed a blessed festive holiday season and have new and exciting dreams and plans for the year ahead. We had a very relaxing holiday and even got a new addition to the family! Adi’s brother Charl and his wife Semma brought a new Badenhorst Boy into the world today. Congratulations and good luck guys!

Here’s to a fantastic 2016, thanks for all the support and we hope to drink some good wine with you at some point in the next 362 days.


all good things come to an end

Bitter sweet. That was the feeling I went to bed with last night. Or like Adi said with a nightcap cup of tea in hand, “ek voel ligter, maar ook ‘n bietjie sad.”

On Monday the 16th of November, over a few great wines, a sparkling chocolate mud cake for Callie’s birthday and a very short agenda, we came to the unanimous decision that The Swartland Revolution as we know it has achieved everything we wanted it to achieve.

Collectively the five winemakers, two event organizers, three dedicated wives and numerous other stakeholders that have brought you six fantastic celebrations of wine and all things Swartland, have decided that it has reached its end.

Please read the official statement from the founders by clicking here.

We would like to use this opportunity to extend our gratitude to every single person who has made these six celebrations possible. From the first year when 140 people huddled in the wind around Die Ou Pastorie, to the year we waved our cowboy hats in the air outside the town museum, that time some of you swam in fruit bins at the back of Mama Cucina and all the way through to when the police showed up geared for a riot last year and a few sneaky speak easy drinks in 2015.

Watch out though, we aint done shaping the wine industry anew just yet.


seeing stars!

Platter stars seems to be on everyone’s lips.

Sorry if we didn’t have a press release about ours in your inbox the exact minute they were released, but please allow us a moment to brag, here, now.


On Thursday night the 2016 Platter Guide was released and we got not one, but two 5* wine awards as well as four 4.5 star wines. That is 28 stars, if I am counting correctly and you are allowed to accumulate them like that!?

Ons Family Wines Ramnasgras Cinsaut 2014 die pas vrygestelde Family Red 2013 maak ons trots met vyf sterre elk!

Our friends and fellow revolutionaries at Mullineux and Leeu Family Wines are once again SA’s Winery of the Year en alles is lekker in die Swartland vier dae voor die sesde Swartland Revolusie!

Hoop ons sien julle daar…

And now for the news from Kalmoesfontein…

I went travelling and neglected the blog a bit, so here is an update from the last two months. A few nice things people said about our products, some love for Adi and new record prices…

The Drinks Business reports on the first release of South African Barbarossa. A nice story of neighbours, farmers and winemakers working together to do something unique. Click here for the full story.

Meanwhile, at the Cape Winemakers Guild Auction, Adi’s 2015 auction wine, the AA Badenhorst Family Wines Graniet-Berg 2013 set a new auction record for a white wine at R7‚000 for a case of six. This news was apparently so big, even my 92 year old Gran told me about it when I returned… “Adi se wyn was op die tv-nuus.”

According to Business Day Live “Among the white wines, four beat last year’s record, including Ataraxia Under the Gavel Chardonnay 2014 at R6‚400‚ the AA Badenhorst Family Wines “Geel-Kapel” Muscat de Frontignan 2013 at R6‚000‚ and Jordan Chardonnay Auction Selection 2014 at R5‚800.”

Neil Pendock wrote this about the Geel-Kapel shortly before the auction:


In July we hosted a writer for American Travel and Leisure magazine in the cottage and she wrote a nice article about the four founding members of The Swartland Revolution (the 2015 edition being just over two weeks away!).

While Tim Atkin (MW) wrote a story after the New Wave South Africa tasting in London last month, noting that “here is proof that South Africa is currently the most exciting wine-producing country on the planet…” (we’ll take that!) and Lonely Planet named the Swartland one of the top 10 Most Intriguing wine regions in the world. Let’s hope we don’t get wandering backpackers showing up for tastings… By appointment only hippies!

The Swartland is heating up (literally) while we have still had only about 45% of the rainfall we needed to get this winter and like I said, the Revolution is around the corner…

See you there?

For news about Caperitif and Swaan Tonic Water, please visit our other site

According to Atkin

Tim’s got love for you if you were scored in the 90s, the 90s…


Screen shot 2015-08-24 at 09.14.13

“I always enjoy visiting the Cape – particularly at a time when the local wine industry is so exciting. I again tasted more than 1,000 wines this year and feel very positive about the future of Cape wine. I have been visiting the Winelands since 1990 and have always been a keen observer of your wines.”

Thanks Tim, we feel honoured and we look forward to the full report this week!